Powered Flight


2013 Advanced Class aircraft

  • UTAT Powered Flight Division designs and builds remotely controlled aircraft for the SAE Aero Design Competition,┬ástarting in 2006.
  • The competition is subdivided into three classes each with their respective challenges: Regular Class, Micro Class, and Advanced Class.
  • Regular class is the entry level competition class where the objective is to design an aircraft capable of lifting the most amount of payload, restricted by engine model and aircraft overall dimensions.
  • Micro class requires teams to design and build an aircraft optimized for empty weight and payload fraction. The challenge is to fit the entire system in a 24?x18?x8? case, and assemble it in less than 3 minutes.
  • Advanced class has a objective of dropping a 3 lbs sand-bag on a target using on-board real-time video, while at the same time carrying between 12-18 lbs payload with an aircraft weighing less than 12 lbs.


2013 Micro Class aircraft – Pizza Box II

Within the Powered Flight Division, there is a team for each competition class. Each team is subdivided into aerodynamics, structures, and propulsion groups, additionally Advanced class also has an avionics group. Although the division is open to any student of the University of Toronto, it consists almost entirely of undergraduate engineering students interested in aircraft design.