Students from UTAT and the Ryerson Aerospace Course Union (ACU) have collaborated to form a new organization called the Toronto Students for the Advancement of Aerospace (TSAA). The TSAA is set to host a conference on the weekend of 25-27 October 2013 with the theme of Do-It-Yourself projects. That is, highlighting individuals and small groups that are making an impact within the aerospace industry. The DIY Innovator will have speakers from all over the aerospace industry. The keynote speakers for this conference include Luigi Mattia of Karta Strategy, Joel Spark of Nanosatisfi, Cameron Robertson and Todd Reichert of Aerovelo, and John McGinnis of Synergy Aircraft.

Luigi Mattia of Karta Strategy will be providing the opening speech for the DIY Innovator conference. Mr. Mattia is currently the Managing Partner for Karta Strategy, which is a strategic advisory firm focusing on specialized technology sectors. Previously, Mr. Mattia was the President for Messier-Dowty Inc and Group Vice-President for Messier-Dowty SA, which is involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of aircraft landing gear. During this time he was responsible for the development of the landing gear systems for the Boeing 787 and for the Sukhoi Regional Jet. Prior to that he worked with Spar Aerospace on projects ranging from the Anik C and D satellites and the Canadarm.

Joel Spark of Nanosatisfi will be opening our session titled “Advancing Aerospace”. Nanosatisfi believes that the age of paying big bucks to get into space is coming to an end, and they’re working hard to make it happen. Their current project, Ardusat, is a not-for-profit endeavour that aims to produce Arduino-based nano-satellites that anyone in the world can program and control. Nanosatisfi recently launched 2 Ardusats aboard the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on an H-2B cargo rocket to the International Space Station, and is set to release these satellites into orbit by November of this year.

Cameron Robertson of AeroVelo will be delivering our pre-conference speech on the Friday prior to the official conference start. AeroVelo believes in the fabrication of extremely light weight efficient designs and their application to human powered technologies. Their most recent success has been Atlas, a human powered helicopter that very recently won the coveted Sikorsky Prize. Atlas compliments AeroVelo’s long list of accomplishments including the world record for a human powered ornithopter, and Collegiate Human-Powered World Speed Record.

John McGinnis of Synergy Aircraft will be opening the TSAA’s “New Technology Developments” session. Synergy believes that in this second century of flight, small groups and families should be able to quickly travel where they want, when they want, in comfort and safety, and with economy surpassing the present automobile. Their advanced double boxtail aircraft design applies a sixfold strategy for faster speeds and better fuel economy than currently possible with the cramped, noisy, expensive, and inefficient personal airplanes of present. Synergy has already created a 25% prototype and is working towards their roomy 5-seat full-scale prototype.

Registration for the DIY Innovator is open until October 18, and you can register online at www.tsaa.net.

Toronto Students for the Advancement of Aerospace