New website

The UTAT website has been updated recently to improve visibility and usability.

Staying with WordPress, the old theme has been replaced with a heavily customized version of Magazino. All photos and graphics have been updated, as well as the content and layout of the division pages. Specifically, Subdivision pages have been added, and each division page completely rewritten (code wise).

All (dreaded) tables have been replaced with div tags, and most font sizes have been changed to relative sizes. Div elements are mostly relative to screen size, and are fully compatible with most tablets. Comparability with handheld/mobile devices are an on-going task.

The sponsorship page has been updated with our newest sponsors, and rearranged so logos that have smaller/difficult to see text have larger space allocations.


8 posts in total from our 3 subdivisions and webteam have been completed for the main page, with many more to regularly follow in the upcoming competitions and events.